Our Natural Living Edition

Our standard furniture has very little in it that would affect one’s health. Our finish is natural linseed oil, we use water-based glues, and the small amount of plywood we use meets all current standards for sale in California, the strictest state in the country.

Having said that, customers with chemical sensitivities or those who simply do not want plywood in their homes can order the special Natural Living Edition version of our furniture.

Chemical Free Furniture

There are obviously trade-offs to be made when discarding the modern chemical solutions to the mechanics of building and finishing furniture. The most modern and best solutions to several of the furniture makers’ needs are not necessarily the healthiest. Some of them are made with harsh chemicals and some of the finishes have those chemicals still in them long after they are dry.

In the process of eliminating those products, we often substitute products which are more difficult to work with and require special considerations in construction. Thus it is more expensive to produce furniture with the same high quality as our standard line by using substitutes that are better for the consumer and the environment. The charges and details for these upgrades can be obtained by calling our shop.

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